Building Construction



Ordinarily a house should be created or chosen to fit the requirements of the people who will live in it. Just as people have different requirements and personalities, homes do, too. But very often you find a house that is truly flexible. A Home, it is said, reflects the personality of its occupants. This is true of course; roomy ranch-style home catches your eye with a number of features that you’ve always wanted in your home. Nowadays looking for a home has to consider two separate and equally important needs: Space for a growing family to share activities, and adequate entertainment area for relatives and friends.

CHOOSING A PLOT: Your Plot (a piece of land) is as important as your house and deserves careful choice. Look into the ground itself. The size of the plot is part of your future. The plot may be pretty, but is it livable? The neighborhood is very important. You’ll want a conventional location. The lady of the house may be considered when it comes to shopping and children. Your favorite forms of entertainment shouldn’t be overlooked. Sidewalks and street are integral to your home. Get an appraisal of the plot before signing anything.
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BUILDING DESIGN: A building should be planned to make it comfortable, economical and to meet all the requirements. The planner should be to attain maximum convenience with the limited money available. Functional utility, cost, habits, taste, requirements etc., should be considered by the planner. Circulation area should be minimum possible without effecting other requirements and convenience.
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